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Willie Vogt

Willie Vogt

Ag Technology Observer

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  • Agriculture
  • AI
  • Autonomy
  • Biologicals
  • Emcees
  • Innovation
  • Soil Health
  • Technology
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    For more than 40 years, Willie Vogt has covered agriculture for farmers around the country. His diverse experience includes exploring new approaches to agriculture and following the burgeoning ag startup community in agriculture. His expertise includes an understanding of tech developments and how they may impact farms today and in the future.

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    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    In this speech Willie tackles 10 major technologies impacting agriculture today, from autonomy to electrification and what that might mean to the audience. While the farmer is top of mind in the conversation, this speech can also be geared to a non-ag audience with the goal of helping them better understand where agriculture is today, and where it’s headed. And help the audience understand the importance of these tools for the future of food production.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    In this session, Willie explores what Autonomy means and how it can be deployed on
    the farm. From determining the right size of machines, to innovations in autonomy in
    areas beyond the crop field. And he works to answer the question – Elephant or Spider.
    It’s an opportunity the industry is exploring today.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    What are biologicals? And how is the market evolving. This area is filled with a range of innovative startups working on everything from crop nutrition enhancement to control of major crop pests. Willie shares the direction the market is going, including the rising partnerships to bring these innovations to market.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    What is Big Data? It’s a topic that’s already changing the tools farmers use today. This is information that powers artificial intelligence in ways that make farmers more efficient, drives product development for everything from crop protection to farm equipment, and may help answer major agronomy challenges of the future.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    Farmers may already be using automation in ways they never thought possible, but what’s the difference between automation and autonomy, and why should the audience care? Breaking down these differences can help build understanding of how automation will make autonomy more practical in the future.


    Willie has extensive experience hosting meetings and events including moderating panels and working with organizers to help meetings succeed. He brings a unique energy to any task and helps raise the level of conversation for any meeting to engage the audience.

    As an accomplished journalist he’s interviewed CEO’s and experts across agriculture and is comfortable engaging at this level when moderating panels and events. He can work main stage or breakouts.

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