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Let’s help you find a great speaker.

We flex to your needs

We know each of our client’s needs are unique, so we’ll give you as much assistance as you need. We want to walk you through every step (and our service is free!)

  • Understand your goals for the event
  • Understand how you want attendees to think, feel, and behave as a result of your speaker
  • Identify appropriate, affordable speakers who can help you achieve your goals
  • Ensure the logistics of getting your speaker to your event on time
  • Develop a budget and contract that protect you from surprises
  • Anticipate obstacles and create contingency plans
  • Best part? Our help costs you nothing!
He did a wonderful job, presented exactly what I hoped he would, and made everyone laugh! He exceeded my expectations, and from a quick glance of the evaluations that were returned to me, exceeded the expectations of the 100+ who saw him present today. I thanked him for making me look good today...and I thank you for connecting him with us!
Manager Clarian Health Services