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Steve Rose

Steve Rose

Seven time author, Steve Rose has overcome adversity and now offers a message of hope and encouragement to professional audiences.

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  • $3,500 - $5,000
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  • Adversity
  • Attitude
  • Change
  • Difficult People
  • Entertainment
  • Goal Setting
  • Inspirational
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development
  • Success
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  • Media
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  • 28 Years
  • About

    Steve Rose is a seven-time author, best known for his one-of-a kind, feel-good book Leap of Faith: God Must Be a Packer Fan book. It is historic in that it is the only book to ever combine a professional sports team and faith.

    After overcoming adversity 25 years ago, he has spent over 20,000 hours in research in the field of purpose, personal development, and potential. 

    Since 1996, Steve has presented his message of hope and encouragement to thousands of people, doing over two hundred “Peanut Butter Promise” seminars, webinars, keynotes, and other presentations for groups, on campuses, and for global-leading corporate brands that include: Kimberly Clark, American Family Insurance, McDonalds, Oshkosh Truck Corporation, Postal Source, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, SEMEX, and the Salvation Army.  

    Steve has also produced various television shows including the weekly Leap of Faith show that aired in 1998-99, as well as a thirteen-week national series called Coincidence or Godincidence in 2013. Along with Charlene he produced the powerful half-hour documentary Only 16: Tragedy of 2 Billys in 2017.

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  • Topics

    Keynote | Educational | Entertainment | Inspirational | Motivational

    (45-minute Keynote)

    Steve Rose shares valuable lessons he learned from the farm, his father, and his failures and setbacks that he used to fuel his own comeback and valuable tips for how others can do the same. This bold, but compassionate message is shared through the lens of The Peanut Butter Promise, the title of his latest book. Presented with an abundance of wisdom, he also sprinkles appropriate humor along with time-tested Powers, Principles and Laws that transcend thriving not only on the farm, but also in life. As expected Steve shares numerous agricultural analogies. Highlights include:

    ·        The 7 Keys: Purpose, Plan-and-Action, Perseverance, Integrity, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Sowing & Reaping

    ·        The Peanut Butter Promise & How Applying  it Can Be a Positive Life-Changer

    ·        Steve’s Dad’s Dramatic Deathbed Legacy Question that All Should Consider

    Breakout | Educational | Entertainment | Inspirational | Motivational

    (90-minute Workshop)

    The workshop builds on Steve’s keynote content by adding his wife, Charlene, who shares her inspirational message. The highlights of her message are:

    ·        “7 Seeds of Service of the Peanut Butter Promise” which are: Love, Attitude, Sacrifice, Humility, Wisdom, Patience and Meeting the Need.

    ·        Steve finishes with 7 questions that tie the message together

    They are:

    1.      Am I Willing to Take Honest Inventory of My Crop/Life?

    2.      Am I Willing to Take Total Responsibility?

    3.      What Kind of Seeds Am I Planting?

    4.      Do I Have the Right People Helping Me ?

    5.      Am I Willing to Share Some of My Harvest with Others?

    6.      Am I Willing to Fix Equipment in Need of Repair?

    7.      What Kind of Harvest Do I Want to Leave Behind?


  • Testimonials
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    “Steve and Charlene Rose are the type of people that once you meet them, you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. I had the opportunity to feel firsthand their warmth and sincerity.”

    Culver's Restaurants Craig C
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    “Wow, what a presentation! Your 45 minutes with my sales force left them with some spellbinding thoughts and tremendous positive reactions about your presentation. Your message was not only down to earth, with common sense approach, but the philosophy, expression, and passion you use in explaining gets right to the point. I sat there in amazement about how natural or simple this all seems to you. It became obvious that this occurs because you are truly living proof of the success and by-product of your own system. You clearly have practiced what you preach.”

    SEMEX USA Francis C
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    “With Steve Rose you get the real deal.”

    McDonalds Corporation Chuck K
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    “I’ve known Steve for some time, and the positive impact of his work is for anyone who is serious about fulfilling their purpose.”

    Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Dick B
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “Steve and Charlene Rose are two of the most dedicated people I have ever met. Their vision is based on life and beyond.”

    Green Bay Packers Radio Network Wayne L

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I’ve known Steve for some time, and the positive impact of his work is for anyone who is serious about fulfilling their purpose.
Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Dick B