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Shawn Hackett

Shawn Hackett

Ag Trends and commodities expert educates Ag industry leaders and farmers about financial risk management and hedging using Weather trends and Ag commodity price forecasting tools.

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    A frequent contributor to Barron’sFutures Magazine, Reuters, Bloomberg, US Farm Report, Ag-TV, Market to Market-IPTV as well as regular radio show contributor for the likes of Chip Flory-AgriTalk After The Bell, Susan Littlefield Fontanelle After the Bell-Michell Rook-WNAX and Linda Brekke-The Linda Network, Ag commodities expert Shawn Hackett has dedicated his life to educating Ag industry leaders and farmers about financial risk management, hedging and the utility of indicator-based Ag commodity price forecasting tools. His extensive research on long term weather cycles has long been a key differentiating factor for Shawn’s price forecasting skills. Shawn makes hard-to-understand concepts easily digestible to a wide audience and is the publisher of the Hackett Money Flow Agricultural Report and the Hackett Dairy Report.

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    Keynote OR Breakout

    The single greatest fundamental change in our lifetimes in the Ag space has just begun and it is going to turn the Ag world upside down before it is over. 

    Over the next 40 years, the sun cycles and highly correlated natural weather cycles will be going through a rare 200-year Grande Solar Cycle Minimum phase. The expansion of weather volatility, Ag price volatility is going to be beyond anyone’s comprehension.

    When we overlay the historic cycles of pandemics, like the one we are currently experiencing, onto this tectonic shift to increased weather volatility, the “just in time inventory” Ag supply chain model the world has embraced over the past 20 years will revert back to the tried and true “stockpiling strategy” seen throughout most of history.

    The increased demand required to re-stock the world’s food reserve system will require higher Ag prices to encourage production at a time of challenging volatile weather patterns. Food security, accessibility, reliability and quality are about to take precedent over the price paid.

    In this presentation, we go over these various cycles, why they happen, the historical data on production and price impacts and then how Ag operators can navigate this dramatic change in our weather patterns to not only survive but also to thrive. 

    Where we grow our food, how we grow our food, how farmers market their crops and the manner with which we deliver it is going to change in miraculous ways and forever change our lives. 

    This presentation can be crafted to include specific Ag markets of interest and will include a discussion on how to use capital flows (our proprietary Smart Money Indicator Algorithm) in futures markets to help producers and end-users time their hedging activities. 

    Both the long term and short-term Ag price considerations will be discussed in detail based upon these capital flows and natural weather cycle trends to provide a framework for proper preparation and execution for hedging strategies.

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    “Shawn was a big hit! I had a follow up meeting yesterday with one of the dairy owners that attended the event. He was more than pleased, traveled and hour to attend. And told me it was the best speaker he had heard in a couple of years.”

    Diamond V Greg H
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    “Shawn was fantastic! His presentation was very well received and what a personable guy he is!”

    Mississippi Bankers Assoc. Amy D
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    “Shawn Hackett is truly an expert in his field. Shawn has a unique insight to the moving parts of the Commodity Markets. He looks at historical weather patterns and understands the moves the insiders make. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone looking for a speaker that will leave your audience with a very thought provoking message.”

    Moving Iron Casey S
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    “The audience was very focused on this presentation the connection between weather and commodity prices was new and hit home. He has a very friendly and comfortable style that fit with the farmers.”

    Ag Risk Managers Mark B
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    “Shawn Hackett was a friendly and engaging speaker who helped the audience clearly understand complex issues he was sharing. Shawn’s presentation brought the level of thinking of our audience well beyond the mailbox!”

    Jefferson County Local Development Jay M
Shawn was fantastic! His presentation was very well received and what a personable guy he is!
Mississippi Bankers Assoc. Amy D