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Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson takes you on an entertaining journey - a look ahead at the outlook for the farm markets, technology and trends in agriculture.

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    Farmer, broadcaster, and former banker, Mike Pearson keeps viewers informed on agricultural issues as co-host of the podcast Ag News Daily with Delaney Howell. The podcast has over 6,000 listeners each month. He is the former host of Iowa Public Television’s Market To Market television show.

    Mike grew up on a farm in central Iowa, where they raised grain and livestock.

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    Get ready to laugh and learn with Mike Pearson as he takes you on an entertaining journey – a look ahead at the outlook for the farm markets—and global trends impacting these markets.


    Mike Pearson, host of Public Television’s Market to Market takes an in-depth look at the way agriculture will be changing in the next 20 years. The past century has been one of non-stop progress in efficiency, technology and yield and Mike pulls together his wide-ranging reports on the industry to analyze the four biggest trends driving agriculture forward.


    Analytics: Big Data has been the watchword in production for the past several years, and the future will see new tools that allow producers to analyze the piles of data they have been collecting. The new suite of applications will put growers back in the driver’s seat for decision making; as they’ll be able to model various input application rates, hybrid selection and weather effects on the crops they are contemplating.

    Robotics: Many consumers are already familiar with robots taking care of some household chores like vacuuming. It won’t be much longer before we see true robotics in the field, reducing the burden of time-consuming tasks. From weed eradication to manure lagoon agitation, as qualified help on the farm becomes harder to find, robots will be a logical place for farmers to invest capital.

    Biotechnology: The field of biotech saw incredible advances over the past decade as science and profits combined to allow geneticists and plant breeders space to try amazing things. In the next two decades, those advances become a springboard for some truly revolutionary changes to the industry. This will encompass not just plant-based biotech, but biological soil amendments and treatments as well.


    And finally, the Structure of the industry will continue to change. As record-level profits become just a memory, producers will find new ways to maximize their ROI. There will be continued consolidation at all levels; farm, elevator and coop and input supplier. The lines will blur between retailer and wholesaler as larger growers operate more like elevators and demand greater leverage from suppliers. There will also be a growing number of smaller scale producers dedicated to niche markets; the organic or local food movements are most likely here to stay as consumers continue to have the disposable income to make those food decisions.

    The next 20 years in agriculture are going to be a fascinating ride, and American producers are uniquely poised to capture an impressive share of the world’s business. Let Mike Pearson help your group navigate this future to prosperity!

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    “Mike was very entertaining and really connected with the audience. He had us all laughing out loud from beginning to end!”

    MFA Oil Teresa W
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    “We had nothing but positive feedback amongst our staff and from our customers about Mike’s presentation. I personally thought Mike did a good job of breaking up all the charts and graphs and marketing talk, with some personal stories and humor. Everybody enjoys a good laugh. But more importantly, I think our customers were able to leave with some valuable information about current issues effecting the commodity markets that pertain to their operation. That’s really what we look for in a presenter or a topic. We want them to take away information they can use to make their business more successful. Mike was on time, well prepared, and very professional. I hope we can have him back for another event in the future. I was a little unsure about dealing with Mike’s “Agent” at first, but I will also say it was very nice working with you and Kelly as we got this event planned. Kelly replied quickly when I e-mailed with questions and that is really great when working on a project like this.”

    First National Bank of Creston Austin B.
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    “Our customers, staff, and management team were very, very, impressed with Mike’s presentation! I had several customers come up to me letting me know what a great, fun, and an informing presentation Mike had. I could go on and on! One younger producer said he hated to see it come to an end!”

    Two Rivers Bank Mike R.
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    “Mike was fabulous! He was so easy to work with and his presentation was both informative and entertaining. I had the chance to visit with him for a bit afterward and told him he hit a home run! Thank you and Kelly; it was a pleasure to work with you both!”

    Kansas Farmers Service Association Diana N.
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    “Mike was great. Arrived early, met with our local media and mingled with the crowd. His presentation was excellent, informative and funny at times. Mike stayed until our last guest left, talking with anyone that wanted to see him. Very pleased with Mike.”

    Midwest Bank of Western Illinois Matt G.
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    “Mike Pearson brings energy and enthusiasm to the crowd when speaking during this volatile Ag cycle, and keeps the atmosphere upbeat during this downturn in Agriculture. Mike’s message resonates well with Ag Lenders on focusing on their mission to keep Farmers Farming, yet maintaining solid marketing plans for the future. I would highly recommend any organization engaging with Mike Pearson for a top-notch performance.”

    Moody's Analytics Doug J.
Working with HSN made my job very easy. Their customer service is top-notch and the speaker they provided for me exceeded my expectations in every aspect.
Strategic Specialist Carilion Health Care