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Lyndy Phillips

Lyndy Phillips

Funny Speaker Lyndy Phillips will help your group Laugh • Reduce Stress • Recharge

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  • $5,000 - $7,500
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  • Comedian/Comedienne
  • Emcees
  • Entertainment
  • Humor
  • Magic
  • Motivation
  • Spouse Programs
  • Stress
  • Vision/Purpose
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  • Associations
  • Corporate
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  • 39 Years
  • About

    Lyndy Phillips is a humorous non-industry speaker and comedy magician who recharges, renews, and refreshes corporate, association, and educator audiences with his positive, upbeat presentations. He’s highly entertaining with 100% clean humor, comedy magic, and audience involvement and he’s inspirational with messages on reducing stress and personal value.

    Lyndy was raised on a farm in the Texas Panhandle, served fifteen years in full-time ministry, worked in sales for seven years, fundraising and development for five years and raised two children with his wife of thirty years. On top of all that, he was Executive Director for a television show about marriage. He knows a thing or two about stress and its impact on the body!

    Lyndy and his wife have two grown children, Lezlie and Taylor, and two dogs, Pepper and Zuzu. They live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    Lyndy is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Christian Comedy Association, Texas Farm Bureau, and Sam’s Wholesale Club!

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  • Topics

    Keynote | Audience Participation | Educational | Entertainment | Humorous

    Laugh More. Stress Less. keynote is a fun, interactive one hour presentation with 100% clean humor, comedy magic, funny PowerPoint, and audience participation. Attendees will learn how stress affects the body and mind, the dangers of chronic stress, the importance of reducing stress, and ways to reduce stress with an emphasis on laughter.

    Give your group a vacation without leaving their seats. Laugh More. Stress Less. keynote will have your attendees laughing and learning:
    ​The definition of stress

    • Top three causes of stress
    • Four ways stress affects our lives
    • Six ways to reduce stress
    • The healing power of laughter
    • To see the humor around you

    Why Laugh More?
    Laughter has the power to reduce stress and heal the body. There are many ways to reduce stress: exercise, listen to music, read, and prayer/meditation to name a few. Laughter is often not thought of as a way to reduce stress. However, laughter is medically proven to reduce stress, help muscles be less tense, the body feel more relaxed, and the mind more open while giving an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. It’s even proven to help reduce/block pain and heal the body of diseases by multiplying good cells that attack bad cells.

    Why Stress Less?
    Happier, healthier, and less stressed people are more productive.
    People suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels than those not working under excessive pressure, according to research from professional services firm Towers Watson. In today’s work environment, people are working long hours, under enormous pressure to perform, and often given more responsibilities than they can manage. The results: 77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress and 33% feel they are living with extreme or chronic stress.

    Keynote | Audience Participation | Entertainment | Humorous

    Lyndy is a comedy entertainer who will make your banquet, luncheon, or private event entertaining and memorable! He brings people together with laughter and magic and delights audiences of all ages with 100% clean humor – no worry of offensive humor or profanity. With Lyndy, your group will be amazed, amused, and thoroughly entertained.

    Banquets, luncheons, and private events are three great ways to bring your group together to celebrate, award, and socialize. Enjoy great food and conversation with folks seated around your table. Catch up with friends/coworkers or meet new people. Then sit back and get ready to Be Amazed and Amused!

    From humorous stories to comedy magic and audience participation, you will hear and see some of the funniest comedy entertainment that is refreshing and energizing. With a talent for impromptu humor along with sleight of hand skills, Lyndy performs mind-boggling illusions with a twist of humor. Being a one-man show, Lyndy relies on members of the audience to assist him with his sleight of hand and illusions. You will laugh-out-loud as audience members become the stars of the show, leaving everyone with memories that last a lifetime.

    No big illusions. No big stage. No big production. Just simple sleight of hand with everyday objects. You’ll be amazed as items vanish and reappear in audience members’ pockets, on their chairs-while they’re seated-and even in Lyndy’s wallet! Get ready to laugh and experience the fun of being fooled with cards, ropes, eggs, balloons, water, and more. You will go on a magical journey that begins with a Silver Dollar Lyndy’s owned since 1974 and continues with everyday objects being vanished, cut and restored, multiplied, transformed, and more.

  • Testimonials
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    “Exceed Expectations! Several comments that attendees thought he had written his presentation with the attendee in mind! Everyone thought he was hilarious with a great message!”

    Genex Terri D
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    “Our meeting was filled with laughter and smiles the whole evening Lyndy was on stage. The show reached its highest point at the end when the audience was surprised resulting in even louder laughter. We heard many wonderful comments from our audience days after the show. If you are looking for clean humor and fun, Lyndy Phillips can do that and more. President & CEO, AgCredit, Ohio”

    Ag Credit, ACA Brian R
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    “We invited Lyndy to speak at our regional customer meeting. His humor was great, and his message about managing stress was spot-on, considering the pressures that farmers and ranchers face on a daily basis. The audience really connected with Lyndy as he shared stories about growing up on his family’s farm. We would highly recommend Lyndy to any group looking for a funny, down-to-earth speaker who also delivers an important message.”

    Farm Credit Services of America Adam F.
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    “Lyndy Phillips is a very talented comedian, motivator, magician and speaker. He relates well and offers a variety of offerings to keep things fresh and engaging. I cannot say enough about the tremendous respect I have for the truest form of comedy: entertainment that can have people entertained, enlightened, in tears and de-stressed without a word of foul language or off color trash. You cannot miss with a Lyndy Phillips show.”

    Growmark, Inc. R. H.
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    “Lyndy Philips was just what the doctor ordered! His presentation at our annual convention kept everyone laughing throughout and lightened the spirits of our farmers who have had a very stressful year of farming. As a farm boy himself, Lyndy knows personally the stress inherent in the business of farming and so he was able to relate very well to our attendees. He successfully addressed a difficult topic in a positive way by showing and encouraging all of us to find the humor in everyday life. I highly recommend Lyndy Phillips for a most entertaining and family-oriented keynote presentation.”

    Montana Grain Growers Lola R
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “This year for the annual conference, I wanted a keynote address that would be both entertaining and provide a valuable life lesson. Lyndy hit the nail on the head. His presentation on stress management and life, along with his variety of entertaining magical lessons was a highlight that many never expected. Our staff commented many times how much they got out of his presentation AND how much they enjoyed it!”

    New Mexico Dept. of Ag J. W.
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    “Lyndy Phillips exceeded our expectations!!!!! He had the entire crowd engaged and laughing the entire time. He was great to work with when he arrived on-site and I would highly recommend him for future events and to other Farm Bureaus!”

    Nebraska Farm Bureau
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    “Lyndy did a fantastic job engaging with our customers. He used relevant stories that our agricultural based audience could relate to while driving home the message that laughter really is the best medicine for stress. Our group was fully engaged with the show, and were eager to talk about the tricks with amazement. I would highly recommend Lyndy at your next function.”

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    “Lyndy was an outstanding addition to our annual meeting. His message perfectly aligned with what we needed and the core values of our company. This was an entertaining presentation with a great message and is highly recommended.”

    DuPont Pioneer

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Lyndy did a fantastic job engaging with our customers. He used relevant stories that our agricultural based audience could relate to while driving home the message that laughter really is the best medicine for stress. Our group was fully engaged with the show, and were eager to talk about the tricks with amazement. I would highly recommend Lyndy at your next function.