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Karen Eddington

Karen Eddington

Mental health in agriculture expert. Karen uses original research from The Under Pressure Project to help those in agriculture to pass through a breaking point.

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  • $5,000 - $7,500
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  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Female Speakers
  • Humor
  • Life Balance
  • Mental Health
  • Spouse Programs
  • Stress
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  • 21 Years
  • About

    What happens to people when pressure builds?

    What if we could turn it around?

    Learn the original research. Apply powerful solutions. Laugh along the way. 


    Pressure at work. Pressure from looking side to side. Pressure to be someone. Pressure to produce an outcome. High expectations, in a high achieving environment, with frantic effort to be good enough, is leading to burnout, low productivity, conflict, disconnection, and isolation. Mental isolation. The Under Pressure Project is your solution.

    More connection, more productivity, more peace, and more confidence — in leadership, in teams, and in yourself.

    In 2008 Karen Eddington launched a research program called The Under Pressure Project gathering 572 surveys about pressure and spent the next 8 years looking for patterns. It started as a research project to understand pressure. Ten years later it’s an unexpected mission to extend the solution to you.

    Today, ‘Under Pressure’ is your custom keynote experience.

    You can watch Karen’s Tedx talk “The Connecting Power of Shared Laughter” to learn about the research. Jump to minute 7:00 if you are pressed for time.

    The Under Pressure Project is a customizable keynote experience.

    Not only will you learn about Karen’s original research, including the biggest pressure we face, the best solution for getting through, and the most universal and dangerous experience we can have, you can get specific to your needs.

    You can choose an emphasis on:

    1. Laughter: Using humor to cope with pressure.

    2. Effort: Exploring solutions for work-life balance, stress, change, fatigue.

    3. People: Team-building, community, connection, and leadership.

    Karen Eddington is a 15-year Identity Researcher and Self-Worth Author (with a background in clean stand-up comedy).

    Karen Eddington is a funny, female, keynote speaker with a powerful emotional range. 

    Her programs have been described as, “A hilarious reality check.”

    Karen Eddington has been called, “A speaker who can bring the room together and show people how much they matter.”

    When she is not working she can be seen driving carpool in her small town northern Utah farming community. How small town? There is an old school bus driving around that has been welded into a hay-hauling-tractor where the “S” and the “H” were removed and turned into a ” COOL BUS.”

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  • Topics

    Keynote OR Breakout | Educational | Humorous | Motivational

    In agriculture there are highs and there are lows.  What do you do if you are in a low place and it stays low a little too long? Karen will teach you skills to ride the wave.  Learn what you can do to pass through a breaking point.

    This agriculture specific program can be used as a keynote, breakout session, or virtual program.

    This content filled session is based on Karen’s original research on The Under Pressure Project and has been shared with farm conferences from east to west coast and the plains in between.  Karen will advocate, and cheer for your agricultural audience, while sharing proven methods to combat stress, with engaging stories, a tone of understanding, and keeping an upbeat tone with a heavy subject.  This session includes help for when stress turns to burn out, when decision fatigue is pressing, and understanding strain when you don’t have the luxury of repair time. This is a great session option if mental health in agriculture needs to be addressed.

    Keynote OR Breakout | Audience Participation | Educational | Humorous | Motivational

    Are you looking for something that brings your attendees together? This is a great opening or closing keynote option. Karen uses glow sticks, audience participation, storytelling, and original research (not boring) to help each member of the audience to hear “I’m so glad you are here… you are not alone.” Get laughter from Karen’s “audience list.” Get connected through her original research. One of the most universal and dangerous experiences we can face is mental isolation. Learning directly from Karen’s research you will explore the importance of a support network and come together. At a recent opening keynote lunch event where Karen was hired to present “You Are Not Alone” the event the wait staff said, “We all naturally stopped busing the tables so we didn’t interrupt the feeling in the room. This wasn’t just another speaker. Everyone was leaning in.”

    Keynote OR Breakout

    Have you ever needed both courage and creativity to get through pressure? Based on an inspirational story sparked during the pandemic, in this program, you will learn a series of ideas to help you adapt and look forward with hope.  Sparked by a 7th-grade entrepreneurship teacher, learn how a student and her family started selling and designing shoes that make you brave. (As featured on FOX news, Empowered Teacher Magazine, with Courage Shoes sold from east to west coast).  This is a great program option if you are looking for an inspirational entrepreneurial story coupled with take home ideas to help you feel both Brave+Creative. 

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