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Eric Boles

Eric Boles

Former NFL Player, Executive Coach and Consultant with powerful insights on Leadership, Teamwork, Peak Performance, Leading and Managing Change and Cultural Transformation.

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  • $25,000 - $30,000
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  • Attitude
  • Change
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Peak Performance
  • Sports/Athletes
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
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  • Sales
  • Sports
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  • 24 Years
  • About

    Eric’s high energy and powerful keynote presentations have impacted audiences and organizations around the globe. Recent clients include IBM,  Dunkin Donuts, Northwestern Mutual, Michelin, Simplot, Bridgestone Tires, Peterbilt Motors, Iowa Credit Union League and NAPA Auto Parts., 

    He is also the author of a new book entitled “Moving to Great…Unleashing Your Best in Life and Work”.

    With his vast experience in corporate boardrooms and as an executive coach and consultant, Eric brings razor-sharp insights and strategies that he has seen really work. Eric takes pride in customizing every presentation around the client’s needs, goals, business issues and desired outcomes. His perspectives on Managing and Leading Change, Peak Performance, Cultural Transformation, Team Dynamics and Overcoming Complacency are laced with practical tools and insights that can be applied both professionally and personally.

    Prior to becoming and sought-after speaker and consultant, Eric was mentored by numerous corporate leaders and performance experts. He also learned many principles of peak performance, team dynamics and leadership from his experience while playing in the National Football League for the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets.

    Eric is also a committed father and husband and community leader in the Seattle / Tacoma area.  He gives back to his community in numerous ways and is married to his wife Cindy for over 25 years and they have two daughters.

    Some of his topics include:

    • “Fearless Leadership”
    • “Leading in the New Reality”
    • “More Than Winning”
    • “Moving to Great”
    • “Increasing Human Effectiveness”
    • “Running Around the Wedge”
    • “Courageous Living”
    • “Managing and Leading Change”
    • “Changing Momentum”
    • “Thought Patterns of Winners”
    • “Unleashing Your Potential”
    • “Lead with Purpose”
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  • Program

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Inspirational

    Key Points of this Presentation:

     ·       Fear works best in isolation

    ·       Leaders becoming “Dealers of Hope”

    ·       Changing the Momentum

    ·       The need to be more than your job description

    ·       Are you leading to win or not to lose?

    ·       Staying hungry and humble

    ·       Overcoming fear and leading more courageously

    ·       Seeing the potential through all the hazards and noise around you

    ·       Being fearful and doing it anyway

    ·       Having difficult conversations…making tough decisions….taking action

    ·       No longer allowing good intentions to be a substitute for actual accomplishment

    ·       Inspiring your people and leading the change

    ·       Being at your “best” more of the time

    Eric Boles will weave powerful stories and depth around each of these strategies that will touch the heads and hearts of your people. He will work with you to customize his presentation around your meeting theme, key business issues and goals so you get the results you want and need. Plus, they will receive relevant information that they can put to work immediately both personally and professionally.

    Keynote | Educational | Inspirational | Technical | Motivational

    When you’re green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you are rotten!

    ~Frosty Westering


    “Moving to Great” will deepen your understanding of the fundamentals of personal mastery and change enablement. Participants learn time-proven techniques and skills for enhancing personal accountability and helping themselves and others overcome the natural, human resistance to change. “Moving to Great” provides a scientifically sound set of tools that will enable individuals to increase their self-efficacy (the ability to cause and make happen), improve their self-esteem and enhance their ability to set and accomplish bigger and better goals. A result of experiencing “Moving to Great” is a renewed sense of commitment and a greater willingness to seek out and implement new approaches to tackling both personal and organizational challenges.

    Keynote | Educational | Inspirational | Technical | Motivational

    We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.

    ~Vince Lombardi

    The goal of every team is to win; no matter the venue or arena of competition, sports or business, the objective is to come out on top. What if there was a better approach that does not involve winning or losing, winning was simply the by-product? The pursuit of excellence is not about winning – it is “More than Winning.” It is giving your very best in pursuit of a goal or worthwhile endeavor bigger than yourself. It is bigger than any one individual and demands your very best.

    “More than Winning” focuses on releasing a team’s potential. This is the result of effectively leveraging the individual strengths for the benefit of the team and the goal. We’ll show you the keys to unlock the potential.

  • Review
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    “Your message was tailored to perfectly to fit our audience and was exactly what we needed to hear. I can’t thank you enough. I would recommend you to any organization, agribusiness or not. You were the talk of everyone afterwards!”

    Simplot Planner
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    “Everyone has said that having Eric was the best part of our event! He even helped some of our teams with key questions. More importantly, he delivered the message that everyone needed to hear. They especially loved that he based it on principles for personal and work life!”

    Sun Gro Horticulture Planner
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    “I highly recommend Eric for keynotes or other motivational addresses which are intended to challenge yet inspire the audience.”

    Simplot Dave D
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    “Thank you for the wonderful job you did speaking with our leadership teams at Nationwide. Your message resonated with our culture and your energy and “real world” examples brought great inspiration, encouragement and motivation to the day to day tasks of leaders throughout our organization.”

    Nationwide Financial President & COO
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    “Your presentation was awesome! You did an amazing job! You are the best speaker we’ve ever had at one of our events. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for an inspiring, enthusiastic, energetic, and engaging speaker.”

    Verizon Wireless Vice President
Thank you for the wonderful job you did speaking with our leadership teams at Nationwide. Your message resonated with our culture and your energy and “real world” examples brought great inspiration, encouragement and motivation to the day to day tasks of leaders throughout our organization.
Nationwide Financial President & COO