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Delaney Howell

Delaney Howell

Delaney is a “voice” for the industry. She is the host of Market to Market on Iowa Public Television, and Co-Host for the Ag News Daily podcast. Her stories appear on Agri-Pulse, Your Ag Network, and This Week in Agribusiness.

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    Delaney Howell was involved in agriculture from a young age growing up in Southeast Iowa on a grain, cattle, and hog farm, but it wasn’t until high school and college that her passion for the industry exploded. During her undergraduate degree at Northwest Missouri State University, Delaney pursued her passion to tell agriculture’s story and got her degree in Agricultural Sciences with minors in Broadcasting and International Studies. She also took the opportunity to explore the world around her, and their agricultural systems and has visited 17 countries so far. Currently, she is wrapping up her Master’s in Agricultural Communications as a distance student through Texas Tech University.

    Delaney has been a “voice” for the industry since graduating from Northwest and you may run across her work as a Co-Host for the Ag News Daily podcast, hosting Market to Market, or find her stories on other platforms including: Agri-Pulse, Your Ag Network, or This Week in Agribusiness. 

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    Keynote OR Breakout | Educational | Entertainment

    The international markets continue to flutter with trade tensions and daily “breaking news.”  Through Delaney’s analysis of cultural, economic, and market influences, Delaney will walk through the current trade outlook and its impacts on the commodity markets. 

    Keynote OR Breakout | Educational

    Agriculture policy and the political climate play a huge role in our everyday lives as agriculturalists. During this interactive presentation, Delaney takes audience members through the “ins and outs” of everything from the Farm Bill, to the current political climate and how those shaping our policy in Washington play an impact in our operations back home. 

    Keynote OR Breakout

    Traveling to 16 countries and 30 some states, Delaney studies agricultural systems on a large scale. U.S. agriculture plays such a vital role in so many countries that the importance sometimes gets lost to producers who are concerned about production on a smaller scale or local level. The purpose of this speech is to discuss several factors revolving around international agriculture such as trade (TPP, TTIP, etc.), food accessibility, cultural differences, and technology – and to highlight the connection between producers and the global world. 

    Keynote OR Breakout

    As a young entrepreneur, I have been faced with many challenges that I see farmers like my dad facing every day. Farms are similar to startups because they are a business and oftentimes producers forget that they are a business since farming is also a way of life for so many people. In this speech I go through five lessons learned from starting my own company and show the parallels between startups and successful farming. 

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    “Our meeting went well and Delaney did a great job! She is knowledgeable of the ag industry and her presentation was well received by our group. I appreciate you recommending her to us!”

    AgTexas FCS Kristy T
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    “Delaney was well received! The information was timely and I was so pleased she stayed for our luncheon. She was a great choice and played off well that she was NOT the Sec of Ag!”

    National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants Allison J
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    “Delaney Howell is a “rock star”. Her presentation to our Board of Directors was superb. She was incredibly well prepared and stimulated great conversation. I cannot recommend her anymore highly.”

    Morningside College Dr. Reynders
Delaney Howell is a “rock star”. Her presentation to our Board of Directors was superb. She was incredibly well prepared and stimulated great conversation. I cannot recommend her anymore highly.
Morningside College Dr. Reynders