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David Okerlund

David Okerlund

Hall-of-Fame Sales and Motivational speaker who helps others become more effective in the areas of Sales, Leadership and Communication.

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  • $7,500 - $10,000
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  • Agriculture
  • Attitude
  • Change
  • Humor
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
  • Training
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  • Colleges and Universities
  • Healthcare/Medical
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  • 31 Years
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    David Okerlund is one of those select few Hall-of-Fame Speakers. He’s a rare, cross-over presenter who can deliver a powerful, tone setting keynote – followed by a sales or leadership seminar.

     David Okerlund grew up in a rural, Midwestern town of Manchester, Iowa where as a young teenager he saved up money- to go on to college by working on the town’s garbage route.  Till this day he still says that, “It was the best job I have ever had in my entire career.  It taught me more about the value of commitment and endurance than one might ever dare to believe.”

     From there he went on to Hastings College in Nebraska where he became a nationally ranked speech and forensic speaker.  After graduation he became a teacher in Iowa where in his first year he was nominated as the Outstanding Young Speech Educator for the state.

     After leaving teaching, David became what he affectionately calls a “road toad warrior.” He defines that as a salesperson who can drive over 100,000 miles a year and still love selling.

     In the late seventies David moved into management as a special assistant to the college president.  Shortly after that he became fund development director for a large heart hospital.  And then an administrator for a 350 bed trauma center hospital.

    In 1983 David’s speaking abilities gained national attention when he finished in the final three of the World Championship of Public Speaking; a contest that includes over 20,000 contestants from over 45 different countries.

     In 1984 David was an instructor at Oxford University where he taught speech and debate.

     In 1987 David decided to pursue a speaking career on a full-time basis.  He is a member of the International Hall of Fame for speakers and has shared the platform with American greats like Bob Hope, Lee Iacocca, and Warren Buffett.

    He taught a masters degree class in organizational ethics and persuasion at the University of Minnesota.    

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    Keynote | Entertainment | Inspirational | Motivational

    When it comes time to deal with uncertainty and all the stress it carries with it – that is the time when we need to reach deep down into that well of faith and optimism and refuse to give up. There is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel! Right now much of the agricultural world seems to be headed in the wrong direction. Times are tough for many. Whether it is falling land prices or crop prices, just about everyone is wondering what the future holds.
    David Okerlund has been working with farmers from the crisis of 1984. He has seen the worst and the best, but most importantly David has learn how farmers can make the best of the worst. If you are looking for a truly uplifting, motivational presentation to restore and renew the human spirit, then this is one program you must consider. David’s personal and humorous style brings hope and a light to the end of the tunnel. Seventy percent of his speaking career has been before agricultural groups. His faith and family based principles are endearing and uplifting to all. As he states, “The epic failure is quitting when the storm clouds appear on the horizon because right behind the storm clouds there is a beautiful sunrise awaiting for those who hold on to their faith!

    Keynote | Educational | Entertainment | Technical | Motivational

    David Okerlund has over twenty five years of selling experience. He has sold everything from soap, farm chemicals, construction material, Foley catheters and medical lasers to $200,000 electronic inserters. In addition to that, he has trained salespeople from a multitude of different companies all over America.

    David believes that his program, When It Comes Down To Price. . . . Don’t Come Down! is one of the most valuable investments sales organizations can make. “I think it can be a bigger problem than even “Call Reluctance”. However, if the problems of price buyers were to be revealed the way they should be, price no longer becomes a hang-up and can be one of your best selling tools.”

    In this program David will address:

    √ What is a price buyer and just how prevalent are they.

    √ Why price a bigger concern to the seller than it is to the buyer

    √ The four distinct types of buyers – how they will act, and how do you manage them.

    √ The two cardinal sins of selling price

    √ Why value is such a key ingredient to diffusing the price bomb.

    √ Why your customer has got to totally, absolutely, without question believe that you are going to get that price.

    √ Making your price your best selling tool

    Keynote | Educational | Entertainment | Motivational

    ( The difference between good and great ) 

    Over the years David has been able to observe the leadership styles and habits of many Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller, more intimate organizations. He has taken those observations and matched them up against three unquestionable persons of greatness in modern America, Warren Buffet, Thunderbirds’ Commander Ron Mumm, and baseball’s great Ozzie Smith. And from their input, David has digested their vaulted secrets of success into 4 core values that are the linchpins of personal and organizational success.


    (How to create a positive mindset about coping with change ) 

    “There comes a time in the life of every organization where you need to change to reach the next level of success. Miss that moment, you will begin to decline.”

    Andrew Grove, Intel

    David takes the best from Michael Vance, Robert Kriegel and John Kao, weaves a little of the legendary concepts of Marcus Bach’s serendipity, and has put together a very humorous and enlightening keynote that can set the stage for any conference that needs a high octane kickoff. He confronts his audience with their reluctance to change but does it in such a warm and passionate way that it is not intimidating. It’s fun, funny, and highly informative!

    Keynote | Educational | Entertainment | Technical | Motivational

    ( The dramatic shift in leadership styles brought on by change and chaos )

    Over the last ten years David Okerlund has been presenting leadership programs from Anchorage, Alaska to Cairo, Egypt. However, what he presents now is one of the most dramatic transitions in concept and material he has ever experienced. As he states, “The goals are still the same. It’s the methods of achieving those goals that have gone through a polar shift. Unfortunately, the vast majority of managers and leaders are ill equipped to utilize the vital strategies necessary.”

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    “David did an outstanding job with his presentation. He hit a home run with our customers. His messages, tied into the messages we (BASF) have been using with our customers---Overall overview of sales, Trusted Advisor, Selling Value, Don't be ashamed of your price if you are showing value, etc. The other great thing about David--he related to each of the customers, with his understanding of the ag industry. He is highly passionate, has a great message and was humorous as well. So he was a hit and added a bunch to our meeting. His presentation was also a call to action for them to get Passion back in selling so we sent the group off (since his was the last presenter of the day) very motivated. I would highly recommend David!!”

    BASF D.H.
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    “He was outstanding! His presentation was a mesmerizing experience.”

    High Point University N.Q.
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    “One of the finest presenters we have ever had!”

    Ntl. Assoc. of Mutual Insurance Companies Planner
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    “David did a great job in his keynote address to our group. David is a pro! He sensed that the speaker before him bombed out and he wooed the audience with his unique style, seasoned delivery, and powerful message. We surveyed our attendees and on a scale of 1 to 7, David scored a 6.3. For our group, that’s simply OUTSTANDING!!!”

    Tennessee Farmers Co-op Keith H
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    “Thank you for your presence & your passion! We also appreciated your perspective and the message you brought to North Star employees at our recent meeting. It was just what we were looking for, and with the positive feedback we received from attendees, it really resonated! Great to work with you.”

    NorthStar DHI Bridgette V
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “On behalf of the Nebraska Bankers Association and the attendees of the Fall Agri-business Conference, we’d like to thank you for your outstanding presentation this week.! The comments regarding your session have been extremely positive. We are looking forward to the possibility of working with you again on future programs.”

    Nebraska Bankers Assoc. Ron A
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    “We were very pleased with David Okerlund’s presentations to our group. He did a great job of presenting his key points and maintaining the attention of the audience the entire time. During his speech he had the audience rolling in laughter, to sitting on the edge of their seats waiting on the next point. I also noticed many of the crowd taking notes. After his presentation attendees complimented how well David performed. We even had a few of our members ask how they could book Mr. Okerlund. We were very satisfied with how well everything turned out and how well he addressed our members.”

    UniSouth Genetics Stacy B
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    “David was very good. The topic was spot on, and he related it well, especially at 7:45 in the morning. He also did a very good job as the MC. He set up and concluded each award well and working with our leader presenters was seemless!”

    GEAPS Bill P
ASN is a professional firm representing top tier talent. Booking our speaker was a breeze. I recommend anyone looking to book a speaker for their next ag meeting to talk to Rich first.
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