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David Kohl

Dr. David Kohl, Ph.D.

Powerful Ag speaker! Award-winning instructor. Writes regularly for Corn and Soybean Digest and other ag lending publications

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  • 38 Years
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    David Kohl received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University. For 25 years, Kohl was Professor of Agricultural Finance and Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. He was on special leave with the Royal Bank of Canada working on advanced initiatives for two years, and also assisted in the launch of the successful entrepreneurship program at Cornell University. Kohl is Professor Emeritus in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department at Virginia Tech.

    Kohl has traveled over 9 million miles throughout his professional career! He has conducted more than 6,000 workshops and seminars for agricultural groups such as bankers, Farm Credit, FSA, and regulators, as well as producer and agribusiness groups. He has published four books and over 2,100 articles on financial and business-related topics in journals, extension, and other popular publications. Kohl regularly writes for Corn and Soybean Digest, and other ag lending publications.

    He has received 11 major teaching awards while teaching over 10,000 students, and 25 major Extension and Public Service awards from Virginia Tech, Cornell University, and state and national organizations. Kohl is a two-time recipient of the prestigious American Agricultural Economics Association’s Outstanding Teaching Award. Kohl is one of only five professors in the 100-year history of the Association to receive the award twice. He received the Governor’s award for his distinguished service to Virginia agriculture, the youngest recipient to receive this award. Kohl was recognized as one of 30 leaders who are the brains behind innovative business management and economic information that agriculture uses today. He also has been named one of 7 economists and bankers who challenge the status quo.

    Kohl has addressed the American Bankers Agricultural Conference for more than 35 consecutive years, and has appeared before numerous state bankers’ schools and conferences throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the world. He is also one of the top rated instructors at the LSU and Colorado Graduate Schools of Banking, and is Chancellor of Farm Credit University, which has had over 4,000 enrollments of lenders and producers using a blended online and face-to-face educational approach.

    As facilitator of the United States Farm Financial Standards Task Force and member of the Canadian Agricultural Financial Standards Task Force, Dr. Kohl was one of the leaders in establishing guidelines for the standardized reporting and analysis of agricultural producers’ financial information on a national and international basis. The Kohl Agribusiness Centre has been established in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech in honor of his long-term commitment to practical teaching, research, and extension. In 2017, Kohl was inducted into the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hall of Fame.

    Kohl is currently President of AgriVisions, LLC, a knowledge-based consulting business providing cutting-edge programs to leading agricultural organizations worldwide. He is also a business coach and part owner of Homestead Creamery, a value added dairy business in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    On a more personal note, Dave enjoys playing basketball and likes most sports, farms, dogs, and covered bridges; he dislikes lazy students, administrative bureaucracies, and paperwork!

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    Dr. Kohl’s extensive travel and work experiences with a wide range of groups including ag producers, agribusinesses, lenders and corporate board members give him a unique pulse on trends that will impact the landscape of agriculture.  Whether it is changing consumer trends, technology, global issues, international trade or the transition from baby boomers to millennials and generation Z, or the urbanization of global populations, this session is designed to link the global perspectives down to the business level.  There is an old saying, “think globally, but act locally” which is critical for the proactive business person attempting to gain a strategic advantage.  


    Previous generations were required to manage volatility, yet global and domestic economic forces have moved the bar to volatility in the extremes.  This will create more opportunity in the decade ahead than the past half century; however, if not managed properly, it can create a high probability for failure. Join this energizing session and take a walk around economic trends followed by their implications to your organization, business, and personal endeavors.  Regardless of the cycle, if managed well and proactively, then you will be on the positive end of the profit spectrum. Be sure to attend this information packed, high energy session. 


    Dr. Kohl provides key view points from his travels on the road throughout the U.S. and globally.  He will share his knowledge of global economic trends and the state of the U.S. economy.  This session is designed for groups and individuals to critically think about how events around the world and in the U.S. are impacting their business’ bottom lines and the future of the industry.

     On the road ahead, the good doctor will draw upon his decades of experience as an educator and business person to present common financial and business practices that will proactively position your business or customer regardless of the economic cycle.  This session is very versatile for a wide range of groups including lenders, producers, agribusiness owners and even students, with nuggets for each regardless of age, size of business, background or experience.     


    Now entering the fourth year of the agricultural economic reset, varying degrees of financial stress are emerging in many agricultural sectors.  What is around the corner and down the road concerning the global and domestic economy, land values, cash rents, and the overall bottom line?  This session will examine both the short run and long run economic and financial picture.  What are the adjustments producers and lenders must make to position for success?  A new look at burn rate, not only on working capital, but also on core land equity, will be provided along with trends that will impact the industry now and by 2030.  Come with your questions to this high energy session that will get you prepared for one of the most critical periods in agriculture.      

    ALL presentations are continuously updated and will be customized for your group.  

    Keynote OR Breakout

    The State of Agriculture & Ag Lending

    Now entering the fourth year of the agricultural economic reset, varying degrees of financial stress are emerging in many agricultural sectors.  The topics of discussion for lenders, loan review committees and board members focus on which customers to refinance or restructure as well as how to help those customers that need to grow and capitalize on the economic environment.

    This session will provide a view of the state of agriculture and new emerging trends that will impact your customers’ balance sheets and income statements, and the overall portfolio. 

    A special emphasis will be placed on offensive and defensive strategies on working capital burn rates and core equity burn rates which can influence the resilience and agility of the customer.  Discussion of a customer’s one-page recovery plan along with key financial and non-financial metrics of customer quadrants will be presented. Dr. Kohl will end the session with a question and answer period of some of the most commonly asked questions to engage the audience.   

    Connecting the Dots 

    The agricultural reset appears to be elongated with uncertainty around every corner and concern of when it will end.  A domestic and global overview will provide perspective concerning the factors and transformative trends influencing customers’ financials and lenders’ portfolios.  There will be discussion on credit risk and what is an acceptable burn rate on working capital and core equity.  Dr. Kohl will connect these dots to make sense of the many factors affecting ag lending today. Get ready for an engaging session with questions and answers to conclude the session.  


    Credit Risk 2017-2018: Answers to Critical Questions 

    Agricultural lenders are gearing up for the upcoming renewal season.  What are the top twelve credit risks?  What are the deadly sins of finance and management?  Should financial and management benchmarks be different during the top of the cycle versus a normal cycle?  What is new with family living costs and how have these expenses changed over the decade?  What are the characteristics of successful agricultural lenders? Don’t miss this informative session.   

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    “I truly enjoyed working with Dr. Kohl & Mike Pearson, and hope they would be willing to work together again in the future. We have a lot of education to do in these changing times, and I think we all came at it in a unique way during the breakout session and drove the same point home….Please pass along our sincere Thanks to both Dr. Kohl & Mike. As George Brett would say: This was a “Grand Slam”

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The efforts of HSN to find the ideal speaker for our event stretched out over several months, demonstrating their commitment and determination to find the individual best suited to the needs of our group.
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