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Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE

World-class performer and motivational expert delivers serious content, along with a seriously entertaining experience.

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  • $22,000
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  • Life Balance
  • Motivation
  • Peak Performance
  • Resilience
  • Stress
  • Success
  • Time Management
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  • 28 Years
  • About

    A teacher of peak performance, an author of impactful books and presentations, and a lifelong student of success, happiness, and achievement, Dan Thurmon is on a mission. To encourage attendees’ uniqueness and contributions. To discover a sense of purpose and greatness. To have meaning at work, and in their lives.

    At an early age, Dan learned the power of performance, on stage and in the various parts of our life. When he was eleven years old, he encountered a mentor who taught him some amazing physical skills, but also gave him a channel for his bountiful energy. He quickly excelled as a variety artist, comedy entertainer, and entrepreneur. Even in his high school years, the connection between business awareness, high level service, and self-improvement became evident and fascinating.

    Graduating with honors, his entertainment business paid for his business degree at the University of Georgia. He applied the lessons in sales, management, and marketing to his entrepreneurial ventures in real time.

    Since that critical pivot of life and work, he has worked with organizations around the world, in every spectrum of business: Fortune 500 companies. Startups. Associations across hundreds of industries. Troops on the front lines. Students, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Through his presentations and workshops, Dan helps these organizations to accelerate improvement, facilitate true breakthroughs and enable and encourage greatness.

    Inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame and a member of the illustrious Speakers Roundtable, Dan also served as President of the National Speakers Association, leading their CEO, staff and 3,500 world-wide members in a profound transformation.

    Dan believes deeply that the right words, presented in the right way, at the right time, can change everything. His lifelong study of language and presentation skills have enabled a mastery of landing the critical idea that will shift an individual…or an organization. His opening presentations enable more productive and transformational meetings. Or as a closer, he provides a call to action that elevates the experience and the ROI of a meeting investment.

    Organizational change happens when people make breakthroughs. Dan’s presentations help organizations to become more of who they strive to be. When that happens, people become better. Companies become better. And the world becomes better.

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  • Program

    Keynote | Audience Participation | Educational | Inspirational | Motivational

    A common challenge for organizations today is helping their employees bring more energy to work and not only embrace change but see it as an opportunity to lead.

    Dan Thurmon believes the reason that people struggle with change is they think they have to compartmentalize their life and keep everything in balance. What if we lived Off Balance on Purpose? What if instead of resisting uncertainty, we leaned into it? And what if rather than bringing our “work-self” to the office, we brought 100% of who we are?

    In this keynote, Dan excites his audience with an interactive performance while giving them a multi-dimensional view of success. He doesn’t stand Behind a podium and Talk about dealing with fear and change – he does handstands On the podium to Demonstrate what being uncomfortable and living off balance on purpose actually looks like. Your audience will talk about this presentation for years to come!

    As a result of attending this program attendees will:
    • Learn to take ACTION when it is uncomfortable.
    • Manage energy and time more effectively.
    • Adopt an Off Balance On Purpose approach as a realistic and empowering way to excel at work and life.

    Breakout | Educational | Motivational

    Your people are your organization. When individuals perform well, the organization does too. For organizations to truly thrive, especially with a millennial workforce, they need to provide hands-on opportunities for personal development and create a culture of personal performance.

    “Change is hard. Motivation is only valuable if there is ACTION that creates change. That is why I created this workshop – to help you deliver real change for your teams.” Dan Thurmon

    This workshop is interactive (each participant gets their own workbook), introspective and personal. After the course, participants will be equipped to better integrate all aspects of their life so each area is strengthened and fully developed. Participants will also take stock of what they should stop/start/continue and create an action plan for themselves.

    Enhancing personal performance is the new corporate strategy. Adding this workshop to Dan’s keynote on the same day will reinforce and solidify this year’s goals for your organization.

    Keynote | Educational | Motivational

    It isn’t really possible to “always be at your best because every moment counts” – some moments count much more than others. That’s why it’s more important to be your best When It Matters The Most.

    In this keynote, peak performance speaker Dan Thurmon explores the reasons why some individuals fail under pressure, and why others seem to naturally rise to handle critical moments with ease and excellence. This isn’t an innate talent – it’s an ability that can be learned and mastered. Dan calls it “Perform-Ability.”

    The key to being able to “perform,” or deliver excellence when it matters the most, is to prepare properly and understand the mindset and methods of top performers. Dan demonstrates these concepts in his signature high-impact style that includes juggling, acrobatics, and even a unicycle. Audiences leave this unforgettable session armed with new tools and the enthusiasm to tackle their biggest challenges.

    As a result of attending this program attendees will:

    • Understand the three aspects of an effective performance.
    • Recognize critical moments to perform and rise to the occasion.
    • Adopt the mindset and methods of peak performers.
    • More rewarding experiences for team members and clients.


  • Review
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    “Your targeted, well-planned message with an entertaining spin landed the points our team needed to hear, and energized them!”

    Pella Corporation Bob K.
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    “Your unique delivery style enthralled the audience with amazing displays of acrobatics, whilst delivering your messages that were totally on point and extremely memorable.”

    Sun Microsystems Petrina T.
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    “Your ability to weave what you learned during our meetings and your trip with one of our consultants in the field really helped build up your credibility with our field staff.”

    Chick-fil-A Mark M.
Your ability to weave what you learned during our meetings and your trip with one of our consultants in the field really helped build up your credibility with our field staff.
Chick-fil-A Mark M.