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Connie Podesta

Connie Podesta, CSP, CPAE

Connie Podesta is a game-changing, leadership-building, sales-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of humor, substance & style have made her one of the most in-demand speakers in the world today.

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    Connie Podesta is a game-changing, idea-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of humor, substance, style, and personality have made her one of the most memorable, in-demand speakers in the world today. 25 years.Two million people. 1000 organizations. Hall of Fame speaker. Award-winning author. Seven books. Former Radio/TV personality. Comedienne. Human Relations Expert. Therapist for 30 years. Topics on sales, leadership, change, life balance and success. And (what we all probably could use now and then)…a Comedienne.

    She’s not your typical motivational keynote speaker.

    Connie motivates audiences DIFFERENTLY by fueling them with exciting new ideas, mindsets, attitudes, and solutions that will empower them to tackle even the toughest challenges in today’s crazy 24/7 world!


    She’s honest-to-goodness funny!

    Connie started doing comedy when she was 14 and never looked back. Her humor allows her to tackle even the toughest issues organizations face with substance and style. Connie’s contagious sense of humor enables your audience to dig deeper and learn so she can keep those “ah ha” moments coming fast and furious.


    Connie is all about RESULTS.

    Most keynote speakers simply teach audiences WHAT to do. A few speakers show audiences HOW to do it. Connie does all that and MORE. She helps your team understand WHY it’s important to change behaviors, re-think attitudes, re-assess old ideas and get on board so they can make things happen!


    Connie gives the word CUSTOMIZATION a whole new meaning.

    She literally goes inside the minds of the people within your organization, your industry, and audience so they know that she knows exactly what they are going through. Her uncanny insight into human nature will have each person in your audience feeling like she is talking just to them. It is rare for a speaker to have that ability to connect in such a meaningful way—and it’s that connection that keeps her message alive long after the event is over.


    Connie is down-to-earth and REAL!

    Audiences believe in her and trust that she has their success and welfare in mind at all times. Connie knows that people want, expect and deserve their speaker to be a REAL person sharing REAL solutions that can help them achieve REAL results.

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    If the last few years have taught us anything – it’s that ANYTHING can happen. To succeed in today’s world, you need the skills that allow you to expand, not decrease, your emotional and business bandwidth in times of stress. The truth is there will always be culture clash opportunities, conflict, and daily crises. HOWEVER, they don’t have to define you, distract you, or distress you if you have the right tools, mindset, and strategies in your life to navigate uncertainty with confidence.

    That’s what Human Behavior and Change Expert Connie Podesta brings to the stage. With a fascinating look at what makes each of us approach change differently, Connie brings recipes for resilience, strength, and a solid centered sense of self. If your team is navigating the “deep end” of change – Connie’s got the lifeline and life tools for leveraging change for ALL IT’S WORTH!

    Keynote | Audience Participation | Educational | Entertainment | Humorous | Motivational

    Connectivity is vital to business (and life) success, especially in today’s world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come naturally, authentically, or at all!

    That’s where Human Behavior and Communication Expert Connie Podesta comes in. With a healthy dose of psychology, humor, and an empowering understanding of human nature, Connie helps audiences connect in proven and powerful ways, and most importantly, instantly recognize the communication styles of both themselves and others – making navigating conversations and negotiating needs a thousand times easier. Want to bring your people together and give them the communication skills they need to build relationship bridges and succeed faster? Connie’s got it covered.


    The Power of Persuasion and Psychology to Increase Sales


    Think you’ve heard everything there is to know about SALES? Then make way for some game-changing, money-making, customer-attracting ideas that will literally blow the roof off “sales done the old way.”

    Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and sales strategies has helped millions of people take sales to a whole new level…and have more fun while getting there.

    First step– no more excuses. If you believe that PRICE, PRODUCT, MARKETING or TERRITORY are the main reasons for not closing the deal, think again. Customers tell a different story. Connie takes you right smack inside the mind of today’s new breed of customer. Bargain-hunting. Demanding. Indecisive. Internet savvy. Overwhelmed with choices. And, very SELECTIVE about WHO they CHOOSE to do business with.

    With her tell-it-like-it-is delivery and laugh-out-loud humor, Connie is ready to help you sell like never before so you can sit back and watch both your business and your bank account grow and GROW!


    The Power of Accountability and Ownership to Increase Performance

    In a perfect world all employees would be: high achieving, self-motivated, engaging, team players who see the big picture and always strive to do their best to get the job done on time without complaining. Does that sound like the Twilight Zone?


    Bottom Line: In the real world many employees: simply “meet expectations,” lack initiative, bring their personal life to work, stress over every change and whine about having to WORK….on the job! “Enough!” says Human Behavior and Leadership Development expert Connie Podesta, who has empowered thousands of leaders worldwide with the attitudes, mindsets, and strategies necessary to create a team that’s willing, able and excited to get the job done THE RIGHT WAY!

    With her signature blend of comedy and “tell-it-like-it-is” delivery, Connie takes you inside the minds of even your most difficult employees so you can turn negative attitudes into positive, entitlement into accountability, complacency into productivity, complaining into solutions and “that’s not my job” into ownership.


    Difficult people? Move over! Crazy demands? Under control! Critical conversations? No problem!

    Imagine what you could accomplish if you could decode the mystery of human behavior and truly understand what makes people do what they do and say what they say (including yourself!) Research shows that the #1 key to SUCCESS is the ability to get along with other people. At work and at home.

    Bottom line: how you choose to relate to, communicate with, be accountable to, resolve conflict with and garner respect from other people will directly impact your ability to attract and sustain healthy relationships so you can lead, manage, sell, produce, collaborate, work as a team, enjoy life, stay healthy, be happy and…experience success.

    With laugh-out-loud humor, killer take-away strategies and her amazing insights into ourselves and others (including a few who “drive you crazy”), Human Relations expert Connie Podesta will both challenge you and empower you with the knowledge you need to get along better with the people in your life. Connie will take you right inside the minds and personalities of the people you deal with every day–bosses, colleagues, partners, customers, friends, and family– so YOU can ACT, rather than REACT to whatever life throws your way. Get ready for less stress and more success!

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous

    The Power of Consensus and Negotiation to Increase Buy-In

    Successful people are GREAT influencers. They know how to get consensus, ownership, and buy-in from the people who count–without manipulation, intimidation, sacrificing relationships, or stepping on toes.

    Bottom line: Getting the job done the right way hinges on your ability to “sell” yourself and your ideas in such a trusting and positive way that people will CHOOSE to: Follow your lead. Cooperate with you. Learn from you. Buy from you. Partner with you. And…support you so you can make things happen!

    With a rare blend of laugh-out-loud humor, uncanny insight into human nature and killer persuasive strategies, Human Relations expert Connie Podesta, will take you right inside the minds of the people you need to influence and impress.

    You will learn how to negotiate differences, influence behaviors, change attitudes, overcome objections, and close the deal so you can create an amazing network of PEOPLE who have one common goal: to willingly help you GET THE JOB DONE NOW!


    The Power of Performance and Innovation to Increase Competitive Edge Business as Usual? No way! Status quo? Move over? Change? Keep it Coming!

    Bottom line: Your future success depends on your ability to OUT-SHINE past performance, OUT-THINK old ideas and OUT-MANEUVER anyone who says it can’t be done. Simply “meeting expectations” doesn’t cut it anymore. YOU and YOUR BRAND have to be so extraordinarily AWESOME, UNIQUE and VITAL that people will CHOOSE to do business with YOU instead of your competitor! Ready?

    Meet Human Relations expert Connie Podesta who is both refreshingly candid and wonderfully entertaining. She will definitely bring out your edgy, creative, competitive side as she takes you inside the minds of today’s savvy, but super-demanding global market and delivers some killer, powerhouse strategies that will help you increase sales, profits, goodwill and your customer base. Competition – watch out!

  • Testimonials
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    “As usual, Connie did a fantastic job. Her message resonated well with our audience and she delivered the message we asked for in our pre-call. Connie and CHS have had several opportunities to work together and it is helpful that she is familiar with our industry and people in the room. Great reviews from our attendees too!!”

    CHS Cheryl M
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “You were GREAT! Our group said it was the BEST they have either seen or heard!”

    American Airlines
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “Connie was spot on and provided significant support to me and my message to our leaders. We received very positive feedback from our leadership team, her message has generated many critical discussions.”

    CHS Rick D
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “Connie was awesome and insightful—refreshing humor and so true!”

    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “Thank you! Thank you! GREAT presentation!”

    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “World-class performance and abundant POSITIVE feedback! There wasn't a presentation following that didn't reference you!”

    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “AWESOME! You were a great Master of Ceremonies. Your ability to keep things on time, running smoothly, and rally the crowds... was truly AMAZING!”

    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “Connie took an auditorium of thousands, instantly engaged them, earned their trust, got them speaking the same language and created an atmosphere to improve collective performance - in less than 90 minutes. Wow!”

    Critical Wave Solutions
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “No wonder you made it into our Hall of Fame Speakers. You were a hit - EVERY time!”


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AWESOME! You were a great Master of Ceremonies. Your ability to keep things on time, running smoothly, and rally the crowds... was truly AMAZING!