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Barry Flinchbaugh

Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh, Ph.D.

Barry Flinchbaugh is a long-time advisor on ag policy to politicians of both parties and a prominent professor of Agricultural Economics.

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  • Ag Policy
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  • Farm Bill
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  • Agriculture
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  • 41 Years
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    Barry Flinchbaugh is a top advisor to the USDA and a prominent professor of Agricultural Economics at a Midwest University. Flinchbaugh holds a BS degree in Animal Science and a MS in Agricultural Economics from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in Agricultural economics from Purdue University. He receives approximately 150 speaking invitations per year and is the author of 100-plus publications including an agricultural policy textbook. Dr. Flinchbaugh applies his vast knowledge and experience in agriculture, economics, and politics to create a straightforward and entertaining blend of these three topics. Drawing on his authority and expertise, Dr. Flinchbaugh will stretch your imagination with his tell-it-like-it-is technique and approach on his topics.

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    Keynote | Educational | Humorous

    I remember President Harry S Truman coming through my hometown on the whistle stop train in 1948. I have followed every Presidential election since. To put it mildly, this one is unique. Both candidates have high unfavorable ratings.

    This Congress is dysfunctional. It ranks with what Harry called the do nothing 80th Congress.

     What does all this mean for ag policy? We face many issues in the coming months and years. Trade is number 1 specifically TPP. Add to that climate change, biotech, trust in science and government and a new farm bill under the new President.

    Flinchbaugh will discuss these subjects in his usual blunt and straight forward way with an abundance of humor. You may not agree, but you will learn some things and you will laugh.

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    “I am envious of your knack for making even the most mundane of material of interest and humor. I have often thought that you are to Ag Policy what Tiger Woods is to golf.”

He did a wonderful job, presented exactly what I hoped he would, and made everyone laugh! He exceeded my expectations, and from a quick glance of the evaluations that were returned to me, exceeded the expectations of the 100+ who saw him present today. I thanked him for making me look good today, since this was "my" program, and I thank you for connecting him with us!
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