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Andrew Busch

Andrew Busch

My purpose is to simplify complexity and chaos to inspire confidence in the future. Times are challenging today, I break it down and give you hope for tomorrow.

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  • $12,500 - $20,000
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  • Agriculture
  • Communication
  • Economy
  • Future
  • Global Economics
  • Politics
  • Technology
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  • Finance
  • Government
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  • 36 Years
  • About

    Andrew Busch was the first Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO) for the U.S. government at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). As CMIO, he was charged with improving and enhancing the government’s understanding of the markets and global economy. Andy provided economic and market briefings to White House, US House and US Senate staffers on a wide range of issues including: extreme market volatility, China’s influence on the global commodity markets and the impact of Fintech & virtual currencies on market dynamics.

    Mr. Busch created and directed a new research group, Market Intelligence Branch (MIB), for the agency. As CMIO, his job was to provide objective research on the financial markets and economy to the CFTC, SEC, US Treasury and Federal Reserve. Economy, Energy, agriculture, interest rates and technology (Bitcoin, blockchain, AI) were some of the areas of research covered by the team.

    In his role as CMIO, he was CFTC Chairman’s liaison to the private sector and met with a wide range of market participants including proprietary trading groups, futures and swaps exchanges and Fintech startups/investors.

    Seeing a need, Andrew created a communication seminar on power public persuasion for the senior leadership at the CFTC, a US government agency. It was presented to every major divsion in the agency, as well as the SEC and the US Treasury. The communication seminar enhanced the skills sets of senior management and staff to connect and persuade both internally and externally. Lawyers, economists, analysts and staff all attended.

    Prior to joining the CFTC, Mr. Busch was CEO and founder of a boutique financial markets and policy research firm, Bering Productions, Inc (BPI). Before BPI, he was the Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist for Bank of Montreal (BMO) in Chicago.

  • Videos
  • Program

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Motivational

    Format: 30-45-minute keynote with Q&A

    This is an in-depth study of how the coronavirus impacts the markets and the economy.

    As former TV host for CNBC and Chief Market Intelligence Officer for the US government, I’m used to digesting the 24/7 news-flow from a crisis and providing actionable insights in real-time. I create customised economic and governmental policy presentations around your specific industry or geography to help make sense of the current events and give insights into what happens next. I know your clients are hungry for this knowledge, let’s set up a call to discuss.


    Audience Takeaways:

    ·     Update on virus and government programs to help

    ·     Talking points for your teams and clients

    ·     Thinking beyond crisis and what happens next

    Keynote | Educational

    With over twenty Democrat candidates running, the 2020 US Presidential election is in full swing.  The outcome of this election could have one of the biggest govt. policy swings in US history.  In this keynote, Andy breaks down the wide range of Democratic economic, social and tax plans.  He’ll tell you which plans help or hurt the economy the most.  He’ll give you the winners and losers in each sector of the economy.  And explain what to expect from President Trump as he attempts to gain a second term.  Trade, Ag and energy will all be impacted and discussed.  Andy objectively takes your audience out of the current chaos to provide confidence in the future.  He connects the dots to show how this election will impact their business, their jobs and their lives.


    This program is perfect for:

    • ​Senior management dealing with political uncertainty
    • Business leaders assessing future growth and economic opportunities
    • Managers connecting their work to govt. policy, economy and technology 

    The audience will leave with an objective view of:

    • ​Democrat candidate’s economic, social and tax plans
    • President Trump’s economic, social and tax plans
    • Trade, healthcare and energy plans from both sides

    Keynote | Educational | Motivational

    In this time of economic, political, and market turbulence, there is good news underneath the chaos. During the COVID-19 crisis, Andy was an outside economic advisor to the White House. Drawing upon this and his experience as the US government’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO), Busch sees potential for good economic outcomes and solutions coming from the turmoil. He gives your audience a simple, powerful structure to understand a complex world. 2021 election policy changes, U.S. trade policy, Federal Reserve interest rate policy, and technology are objectively discussed and connected back to your business.


    What would it look like if today your clients could understand the chaos to be confident in the future? Could they ignore the headlines and focus on their long-term goals? Imagine the impact this would have on business and future growth.  Busch objectively takes your audience on a journey to success.

    The audience takeaways:

    • A simple but powerful structure to frame big events impacting U.S. economy including Federal Reserve interest rate and policy changes
    • After the 2020 election, a clear outlook for U.S. domestic policy changes on trade, environmental, tax and energy.
    • A clear understanding of how COVID-19 is driving an acceleration in trends work-from-home, telehealth and on-line retail.
    • An understanding of how infectious diseases impact the US economy and markets

    Keynote | Educational | Motivational

    During the COVID-19 crisis, Andy was an outside economic advisor to the White House. Drawing upon this and his experience as the US government’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO), he deciphers the current U.S., global and political economic landscape, explaining the key challenges facing the agriculture world today. Andy has spoken to orchard growers, large farming co-ops and ag lending groups.


    He has advised and created objective economic research to the CFTC, US Treasury and the White House.  As an authority on the markets, he provides policy insights for what works, what doesn’t and what to expect in the future. 


    Key takeaways: 

    ·       How are the Federal Reserve and US Treasury combining to create volatility?

    ·       How will the coronavirus, oil price war and ongoing trade tariffs impact agriculture?

    ·       How will the results from the 2020 election change policy for the agriculture and rural sectors?


  • Review
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    “We were very pleased with Andy’s presentation! It was clear he has had experience presenting virtually– video and audio were set up very well. Andy also did a really nice job with the questions to keep the audience engaged.”

    NW Farm Credit Services Crystal K
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    “Andrew Busch was an outstanding speaker for our 2020 Annual Conference webinar. Andy helped our attendees understand the impact of COVID on our economy and what opportunities lie ahead as the economy reopens. His presentation was engaging and energetic with lots of great real-life examples. His optimistic outlook had a positive impact on our group and provided insights to help us grow in the future. This is the second time we’ve had him speak for our group and we’re glad we had him back.”

    MN Association of Financial Professionals Kate C
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    “We've worked with Andy Busch on several conferences and he's fantastic. He combines his unique experiences of working in US government with thirty years of analyzing the markets to give a perspective few can match. His stories, his insights, his passion drives audience participation both during and after the keynote.”

    Worldwide Business Research
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    “Simply put, we were delighted to have Andrew Busch provide his keen insights into the economy, politics and market turbulence. Andy was gracious with his time with our conference attendees and was great to work with. He provided almost unlimited access to all the attendees interested in learning more and gave the conference a knowledge base to understand the markets. He was fun, entertaining and passionate on topics that can be challenging for audiences. We'd have him back anytime.”

    Profit & Loss
We were very pleased with Andy’s presentation! It was clear he has had experience presenting virtually– video and audio were set up very well. Andy also did a really nice job with the questions to keep the audience engaged.
NW Farm Credit Services Crystal K