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Tips on Making Great Introductions

  1. Ask for a biography rather than a resume.
  2. Beware of canned introductions.
  3. Interview the speaker if possible.
  4. Make sure your introduction answers the questions, “Why this speaker?”
  5. Be upbeat!
  6. Share something personal about the speaker.
  7. Don’t steal the speaker’s thunder or material.
  8. Don’t say, “Our speaker needs no introduction.”
  9. If you are going to use humor, clear it with the speaker first.
Dr. Sotile was simply amazing! Our Chief of staff physician said, "He is brilliant" and our hospital President wants to bring him back... He is our hero! We loved it! Thank you for recommending Dr. Sotile to our physician groups!
Adm. Director of Clinics Mark Twain St. Joseph Hospital