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Tips on Making Great Introductions

  1. Ask for a biography rather than a resume.
  2. Beware of canned introductions.
  3. Interview the speaker if possible.
  4. Make sure your introduction answers the questions, “Why this speaker?”
  5. Be upbeat!
  6. Share something personal about the speaker.
  7. Don’t steal the speaker’s thunder or material.
  8. Don’t say, “Our speaker needs no introduction.”
  9. If you are going to use humor, clear it with the speaker first.
"Both Jay and Barry did a great job. The group and myself appreciated the fact that both speakers were interactive and took the time to ask questions and allow the audience to participate. It was nice that both Jay and Barry took time to stay afterward and come early to allow some time for the group to have some good one on one time with them. The Audience appreciated not having the same old industry update. Thanks."
Manager Helena Chemical Co.