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Michael Boehlje

Dr. Michael Boehlje, Ph.D.

Offers futuristic, fast-paced presentations on finance and management to corporate and association executives throughout North America.

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  • 35 Years
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    As a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and an instructor in the Center for Agricultural Business programs at a leading Big-Ten university, Dr. Michael Boehlje offers futuristic, fast-paced presentations on finance and management to corporate and association executives throughout North America. Dr. Boehlje has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in agricultural finance; holds extension programs in finance and strategic management with farm finance, and agribusiness firms; and is a frequent speaker at finance and agribusiness conferences and workshops. With his combination of ongoing experience in the farm-management business and his position as an educator and industry consultant, Boehlje gives a unique perspective on the changes and opportunities that face agribusiness firms. His presentations challenge audiences to think strategically and to embrace change through creative and innovative management.

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    Keynote | Audience Participation | Educational | Technical

    The food supply chain is facing a fundamental transformation that has the potential to dramatically alter how we produce, process and distribute food. These transformations are from supply chains to demand chains; from generic food to unique food consumption experiences; from firm efficiency to system linkages and performance; from “growing stuff” to precision production; from hard assets to data/information the critical resources. The implications of these transformations for the structure of the industry and firm strategy will be discussed.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    Given the current downturn in agriculture, Ag lenders are facing additional challenges.  This presentation will focus on the current business climate facing the farm sector and ag lenders and the financial vulnerabilities that their farm and agribusiness   customers are facing.  The discussion will then identify how lenders can work with their customers to respond to those vulnerabilities as well as the adjustments that farmers and agribusinesses should consider to increase their financial resiliency.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    The agricultural sector is not as robust as it has been.  This session will discuss the fundamental reasons for the downturn, the future challenges and opportunities for the sector, and how farm and agribusiness firms can position for success in these turbulent times.  Downturns present challenges, but they also present opportunities for those who are well positioned and agile enough to capture them.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    The first step in managing the business during an economic downturn is to conduct a reality check/stress test regarding the financial vulnerability your business is facing.  We identify how to assess financial vulnerabilities and steps you can take to shore-up the financial resiliency of the operation. We then develop specific strategies to be “Best In Class,” including buying right, margin management, logistics management and asset utilization, managing operating risk, etc.  You’ll discover strategies related to increasing income, lowering cost and enhancing financial resiliency so you can “win in tough times.”

    Keynote | Educational | Technical

    While economic downturns present challenges, they also provide opportunities. For example, machinery/equipment can potentially be acquired at lower values, land rental market can be more favorable and, in some cases, entire farm businesses may be for sale.  How you can position yourself for these opportunities. Questions answered included: What are my options to grow?, How should growth ventures be evaluated?, How do I finance my future?, What are the start-up/scale-up challenges and opportunities?  

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    “I truly enjoyed working with him during our Outlook Meetings!”

    Compeer Financial Penny Z.
I truly enjoyed working with him during our Outlook Meetings!
Compeer Financial Penny Z.