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Jay Lehr

Dr. Jay Lehr, Ph.D.

CFACT Senior Science Analyst Jay Lehr is a high-energy, global futurist on energy, the environment, and Agriculture, He is also an advisor to DC Officials on EPA issues, Food Safety, and Technology in agriculture

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  • 32 Years
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    CFACT Senior Science Analyst Jay Lehr is a renowned global futurist, independent scholar and sought after speaker on subjects relating to economics, agriculture, environment, business management, resource management, social media marketing and energy utilization.
    In his diverse presentations tailored specifically to the needs of the groups engaging his expertise he often speaks to:

    • The technologies that will enable us to feed the world’s growing population better than ever before.
    • The new demands for healthier and more nutritious food
    • Where imports and exports will hold sway.
    • How world conflicts can affect food supplies.
    • The role of limited water supplies in controlling agricultural production.
    • Population trends around the world.
    • Emerging and subsiding national strengths.
    • The new and lasting focus on sustainable agriculture
    • The forces that oppose high yield agriculture and how they can be thwarted.
    • What nations can do to protect their food supplies from terrorism.
    • The amazing advances on the drawing boards for genetically modified crops

    An Ironman Triathlete and skydiving record holder, he is the author of 36 books on diverse subjects including business management, physical fitness, water supply, environment, energy and chemistry.

    He has written for The Wall Street Journal. Is a frequent guest on Fox’s Neil Cavuto Show and recently appeared on a John Stossel Special Report discussing the Environment Protection Agency’s over reach.

    As a result of his book on nuclear energy published in March of 2011, Jay was the “go to guy” for every network TV and radio program following the nuclear power plant problems at Fukushima, Japan that resulted following the earthquake and tsunami that hit that month.

    Dr. Lehr is highly regarded for his unique ability to present complex information in an entertaining, understandable and digestible manner that stays with his audience long after he leaves. He truly helps his audience navigate a future where the pace of scientific and technological knowledge is doubling every seven years.

    What clients love best about Jay is his willingness to work with a client well in advance of his presentation to craft a highly tailored talk specific to the client’s needs.


    Dr. Jay Lehr received the nation’s first Ph.D. in Ground Water Hydrology from the University of Arizona in 1962. This followed a degree in Geological Engineering from Princeton University, a brief stint with the US Geological Survey and two years with the US navy’s Civil Engineering Corps. After graduate school, he taught at the University of Arizona and The Ohio State University before becoming the Executive Director of the National Ground Water Association and the Association for Ground Water Scientists and Engineers for 25 years. In 1991 he started Environmental Education Enterprises, Inc., a company specializing in training through high level technical short courses for environmental scientists and engineers across the United States and Canada. In 2008 Dr. Jay Lehr was named Chief Hydro-geologist for Earth Water Global (EWG) corporation, one of the largest providers of water supply projects throughout the world. EWG makes available for delivery previously overlooked, large scale sustainable ground water resources at EWG’s financial risk under a long term services contract with government clients globally.

    Dr. Lehr has testified before Congress on more than three dozen occasions and consulted with nearly every agency of the federal government as well as many foreign countries on every continent. Lehr has 36 books in print. Amazingly, McGraw- Hill and John Wiley and Sons, America’s largest science publishers have together published 10 of his books in the past 10 years among them; “The Handbook of Environmental Science Health and Technology, ” Environmental Remediation Handbook”, “Modern Ground Water Exploration” and the June 2005 publication of a 5 volume ” Water Encyclopedia”. In 2009 Wiley published his “The Fluoride Wars and Potassium Chloride : A Better Choice for Domestic Water Treatment. His most recent book is “The Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy and Shale Gas.”

    Some of his clients include: American Feed Industry Association, WinField Solutions, California Farm Bureau Federation, Dairy Farmers of America, United Suppliers, Cargill, The Mosaic Company, Syngenta, AGCO Corporation, Valmont Irrigation, Merck Animal Health, BASF, United Soybean Board, Helena Chemical Company, CHS Inc.

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    Keynote OR Breakout

    Dr. Lehr explains, “It is no longer your grandfather’s farm and soon it will not even be your Dad’s farm.” He reveals the biggest boons in agriculture from anonymous sharing of data to what seed and chemical companies have achieved and what they have planned for the future. Jay says, “If you think Ag has changed, just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet! The future of agriculture is now bringing youth back to the farm.”


    This presentation looks at the global demand for agricultural products as the world population peaks at 9 billion. Dr. Lehr explains how North America can remain a leader in sustainable water, food and energy while ag commodity and input prices are fluctuating greatly and increasing regulations and public misconceptions plague agricultural businesses.  Lehr promises that the future has never been brighter for our farmers to meet the demands of the world food supply and do it in a sustainable manner. This program reveals why our future is so bright and how the ag industry is leading the way.

    Keynote | Educational | Inspirational | Technical

    What is the outlook for US Trade? Will China give in to US Demands? Who are the key players negotiating our deals? What are the likely impacts of our new trade deal with Canada and Mexico? Can the muddled Brexit debacle bring the UK back as one of our best trade partners with the EU left in the dust? Will this be a win for the US and agriculture in the long run? Dr. Lehr looks at these issues in depth as the administration navigates the choppy waters.

    Keynote | Educational | Entertainment | Technical

    By now everyone has heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but fewer understand it, and many fear it. Simply put it is intelligence exhibited by a machine that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at achieving some goal. From agriculture’s standpoint, it will be like a computer program that learns from its mistakes. In our case, near term, that AI machine will be fed the results of our plan for seed spacing, fertilization, pesticide application, irrigation and the like and automatically give us an improved plan, considering more variables, more accurately than we are used to effectively deal with. Once an AI application becomes common place we stop thinking of it as AI like Siri in your phone and Alexa in your home, but they are basic AI. Fear not that they will take over your home or farm. But they could well be little robots moving through your fields gathering data and making decisions as to where to apply nutrients. We already having amazing robots in the dairy industry that milk and feed and we will soon have the robots making additional decisions based on the data they receive from each cow – learning with every milking cycle how better to manage the cow.


    An interesting and entertaining presentation on the history of the livestock industry, highlighting the strides it has made to date and the important next steps that need to be taken to reeducate the American public and the rest of the world on the benefits of animal protein.

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    “I have never had a bad experience working with the bureau. Rich promoted Dr. Lehr to us for 2 years. My only mistake was that I did not listen to him sooner.”

    ICAP Crop Insurance Joanie G
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    “The audience was attentive, asked questions and I had people come up and say they enjoyed it, with one audience member wanting to hire him for his own event. Jay always stays within his time-frame. He also engaged with folks prior to the meeting which helped him hone his message.”

    High Plains Journal Bill S
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    “Jay is doing an amazing job today and perfect for this group and conference! I just wanted to let you know.”

    Nebraska Bankers Assoc. R.A.
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    “Jay did a great job, delivering exactly what was promised and expected. The rest of the team has started to call him ‘the most interesting man in the world’. It was a joy to meet him.”

    Meister Media Worldwide | Agribusiness Group D.F.
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    “Once again you guys provided us with a solid speaker that received great feedback from our audience. Jay was good and he definitely added to the day in a positive way for our growers. His speech was well prepared and presented well. It was good to meet him.”

    Youngquist Ag Zack Y
The audience was attentive, asked questions and I had people come up and say they enjoyed it, with one audience member wanting to hire him for his own event. Jay always stays within his time-frame. He also engaged with folks prior to the meeting which helped him hone his message.
High Plains Journal Bill S